About Us

The DeFazio Industries culture can be summarized as the pursuit of excellence in everything we do. We strive to represent innovative manufacturers and market their products and solutions to endusers, engineers, contractors, and distributors. To electrical engineers, our goal is to offer solutions with safety and long-term performance as the primary objective. To electrical contractors, we aim to bring products and services that enhance their productivity, improve safety, and lower total installed cost. For our distribution partners, we offer sales training for value-added products and services, and drive demand for our products that increases our distributor partners' GMROI.

Family History

The DeFazio family has been servicing the electrical manufacturers representative industry for more than forty years. In 1976, Rick DeFazio’s father, John DeFazio, founded Electric Sales Unlimited in Southern California. Over the past several decades, ESU has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers representative firms in America – covering Arizona, California, and Nevada. Rick DeFazio worked at ESU from 1989 through 2004, serving in various positions throughout the company. In 2005, Rick moved to the East Coast and joined Brazill Brothers & Associates as a shareholder and Sales Manager. In 2016, Rick sold his interest in the company, and founded DeFazio Industries. "Looking back, I've had one of the most unique experiences in the electrical industry. I've had the good fortune to work with two successful rep firms from the west coast to the east coast," Rick stated. "Those experiences have given me a broad background, and have taught me how to succeed in a myriad of circumstances. DeFazio Industries is the culmination of those experiences, where we're building tomorrow's rep firm in every sense of the word."

The third generation of the DeFazio family in the industry include Rick's sons, Anthony and Michael DeFazio. "My sons have worked with me part-time for a number of years, and have learned how a rep firm operates from the inside out. They've undertaken a wide range of responsibilities including sales administration, data management, marketing, social media and enterprise-level customer relationship management," Rick stated. “After a relatively short time, they took over a number of areas of our business, and have designed, developed and implemented a number of successful, industry-leading initiatives.”